Wednesday 2 January 2019

Friends Fest 2018

Friends is THE BEST show right?
Is there anyone on this planet that hasn't seen an episode of Friends? 
If that person is you please get yourself a Netflix account asaaap.

Speaking of which all ten series being put onto Netflix was amazing and before then I had only seen random episodes here and there but now - I think I've watched every one at least three times, they just get better every time!

So whats the next best thing to binge watching Friends?


My sister bought me and her friend tickets for Friends Fest this year and ohhhhh myyyyyy goddddddd (yes you just read that like Janice) it was such a good day!

I went along to the day kind of skeptical, I had seen a couple of reviews and other blog posts online saying it wasn't what people expected and they were a bit disappointed but - it was a day entirely dedicated to Friends so how bad could it be?!

It was laid out like a festival all cute little white tents in a field with food stalls, a huge screen playing the series on repeat - people were literally just sat watching it it was amazing - a merch tent, and the big main tents each containing a replica set from episodes you could sit and pose in for a photo!
You could walk around these as much as you want, and redo the photos as many times as needed - literally ALL the Instagram opportunities. 

Right in the centre was the main tent which you could only enter at your pre-booked time and this was the main guided tour which a staff member shows you round the character apartment sets - Ross's was a new addition this year and they were all SO DAMN COOL. 
They had been replicated so well and the staff were so lovely and happy to take all the photos, and even gave the opportunity at the end for everyone to get a photo of the sets without anyone stood in them amaaziiing. 

If you love Friends this festival is honestly such a lovely day out.
Although the sets are replicas they do have some actual props from the films right at the beginning of the tour in glass cabinets such as Phoebes guitar and the Turkey Joey and Monica wear on their head - its amazing, and huge haha.
There was a lot of attention to detail, even the food stools were named 'Joey's Pizza' or 'Phoebe's Vegetarian Buffay.'
The only disappointing thing was the lack of merchandise. I love merch as much as the next guy - maybe even a little bit more - but I think they had sold out of a lot of stuff as all they had clothes wise was Central Perk hoodies which they were claiming were 'Friends Fest exclusive' but they were definitely the sort of thing you cold get off eBay for a lot less than £25. I really wanted a hoodie related to the festival but I assume they had sold out - at least it means the festival is doing well I guess! 

Anyway ignore any negative posts you read about Friends Fest because it is honestly so good and I can guarantee every time you watch an episode after going you'll be saying 
Molly x

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Sunday 23 September 2018

Easy Peasy Homemade Autumn Wreath

Autumn wreaths are the thing to have this year, I feel like all Instagrammers have such beautiful ones hanging off their front doors and it makes such a cute change to your normal Christmas one. 
Last year I couldn't stomach paying the prices of one - shops know we all want them I swear so whack the prices up knowing we will pay it just for the IG - so this time round I decided to have a go at making one myself.

I am not the world craftiest person so I'm sure theres things I could have done a bit neater or a bit better but for me I am pretty damn pleased with the end result - and the whole thing was so super cheap and easy to make.

I didn't look at any Pinterest ideas because I just wanted to use what I already had and what I could afford and the internet can be a dangerous place when searching of new craft end up spending more on making it than the price of buying one!

To make it I bought a polystryne ring, wrapped the whole thing in brown string followed by a garland of Autumn leaves and a few pine cones - quite literally as easy as that. To keep all the leaves in place I used gold pins as glue wasn't holding too well but being gold they blend in super well.

I loooove how my wreath turned out and it took me no longer than an hour to make, and all the bits were under £10 in total - perfect!

Polystryne ring - £1.99
String £2.50
Leaf garland - £4.99
Pines cones - picked up from outside!

Have you made any Autumn home decor this year?

Molly x


Friends Fest 2018!